4 Overseas Wedding Destinations Anyone Can Afford

For most people, the ideal wedding would be to exchange vows on a white sand beach with clear blue skies above them and a gentle wavy sea behind them. This seems okay however; for certain people in certain countries, this concept might cost a fortune to pull off and as such, it isn’t even considered by many couples. It could be very cost effective to have a destination wedding overseas; as long as the right choice of location is made, you are likely going to save lots of money.

Things to note

There are certain requirements that have to be met in many of the cheap wedding packages at all-inclusive resorts; some of which may be a specified minimum number of rooms to be lodged by guests or a minimum number of wedding guests etc. and this is very common amongst resorts offering free packages. That is not to say that there are no resorts where you can get a realistically great deal worth considering

Packages do not mandate flights and basically just covers accommodation for the couple. An extra fee is charged for any extra service like flowers and decorations.

Also note that there are certain legal requirements that have to be met in overseas weddings and this could have a significant impact on the eventual cost of the wedding. In some countries, like Mexico for instance, the couple is mandated to carry out blood tests before the wedding. A good way to avoid all these is to tie the knot legally in your home country and organizing the ceremony in your intended country.

There are several factors that influence your overall wedding cost however, below; we have put together, a list of places where you can get married for cheap. You still have to take care of features like dresses, suits, rings, photography etc. and they may heavily influence the wedding cost however, here are 4 cheap places you could have your wedding overseas.

1. Mexico

The vast array of options available in Mexico alone is enough to any couple selection headache. This lovely country has a variety of wedding destinations perfectly suited for every kind of wedding theme you might need. That said, it is the beach destinations that attract many people. The Caribbean islands like the Isla Mujeres as well as the well-equipped beach resorts such as the Cancun and the rugged beauty of Baja California. The options are numerous!

The proximity to the United States of America as well as the amazing options on offer makes Mexico one of the leading destinations for overseas wedding. Heather Salvai, a wedding specialist at PlayaDelCarmen.com noted that there are several deals that could be gotten from 4 Ω -star venues which could cost anywhere from $5,000 for a wedding with 30 guest. This fee covers the cake, the DJ, catering, a symbolic ceremony, a week’s accommodation for the couple and even an open bar. For only $300, you could get a return flight from the US. A Mexico wedding would be cheap for the couple and guests and it also serves as an opportunity to travel for the couple and the guests.

2. Jamaica
Jamaica is popular for its amazing and serious romantic islands. A trip to this location is definitely one to seriously consider. It is an unforgettable destination for newly weds. It has fascinating palm tree-filled white beaches extending to very long distances, with a laid back atmosphere and warm temperatures all year round. Little wonder why people come from far and near to host their wedding ceremony in this amazing country.

There is no shortage of choices for a wedding ceremony in this destination hence its popularity as a great wedding destination. That said, great venues are booked often and as such, most people who intend to have their weddings here book upfront; this way, you get great deals and plan better. A perfect example of this would be the all-inclusive Jewel Resorts Jamaica, which has a 25-guest package, which includes a three-course meal, the cake, hors d’oeuvres and an open bar, which cost about $5,500

3. Nicaragua

Nicaragua has an amazing natural appeal to it, coupled with its Central American location; it is easy to see why it is a popular wedding destination for many. Imagine exchanging vows on an exotic tropical island, in a wonderful high-class resort by the beach or in the thick of a lush green jungle.

I saw a package on iBride.com offered by a wedding organizer for $4,000. This package includes catering for 50 guests, a beach ceremony, an open bar and music for the evening.

4. Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic, which has a rich history of having the perfect blend of Latin flavor and Caribbean culture as well as colonial architecture, makes it a great overseas destination. With its white sand beaches covering hundreds of miles providing an amazing backdrop for picturesque beach wedding ceremony.

There are several wedding packages offered by hotels and resorts in this destination making it easy for you to find the one that best suits your needs and budget. There is a ceremony for 30 guest offered by Ocean Blue and Sand. This package goes for $3,750 and it covers sound system, bouquets, decorations, catering and makeup and hairdo for the bride.

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