Bride Has Meltdown After Learning Husband’s Secret

Her jaw dropped to the floor when she heard the news. A woman of the New York origin was overjoyed when her boyfriend proposed and got married to her within two hours. She was not prepared for what happened next.

Nicole Carfagna and Danny Rios had just returned home after a surprise December vacation to Disney World when a string of lights hanging across their backyard caught Nicole’s attention. She could vividly remember they weren’t there when they left, and out of curiosity, she turned to her boyfriend to get some answers. Danny was delighted to inform her there was much more to see.

“Am thrilled at the turn out of events, I was still struggling to get our bags out of the car when he calmly told me to leave them all,” beamed Nicole, 32, a native of Smithtown NY. “He grabbed my right hand softly and as we walked into the backyard.”

Nicole was surprised when she met her family and friends in a huge tent just outside their home. At first, she thought they had come to surprise her since her birthday was four days earlier, but then she was once again thrown into a state of turmoil when she noticed her father in a suit and her mother shedding tears of joy. With the soft sound of Coldplay’s “Fix You,” music playing in the surrounding (one of her favorite songs), she knew it wasn’t just a birthday party. “But what really is it,” she thought aloud to herself. Danny sensed the confusion written all over her face and immediately decided it was high-time he let the cat out of the bag. He got down on one knee and asked Nicole to be his wife.

“I was speechless and shocked, as I wasn’t expecting that, it came as a big surprise and I have never been as startled as I was that day all through my life!” Uncontrollable tears of joy ran down her cheeks as she said yes to Danny’s proposal. “I was shedding lots of tears, but luckily my dad who stood close to me told me to take a deep breath and take it all in. I did as he instructed and was really relieved.”

After exchanging pleasantries with their guests, the newly engaged couple when into their bedroom to have a private conversation. While sitting on their bed, Danny took to telling Nicole how much he loved and cherished her after which he dropped one more surprise on her: he told Nicole how he had planned the whole thing out and asked her if they could get married that same night.

“I was taken aback, but all disappeared, and I was filled with joy,” Nicole recalls. “I knew I was going to get married to him.”

For the past six years, Nicole has been diagnosed with lupus, an incurable inflammatory ailment that instigates the immune stem to assault its own tissues. According to the Lupus Foundation of America, about 1.5 million Americans are currently living with this disease with symptoms such as joint pain, dizziness, inflammation of the lungs, fatigue, and lots more.

Danny knew Nicole would find it pretty difficult planning a wedding. Hence, he took it upon himself to put everything in place, and with the help of Nicole’s mum, he was able to pick a suitable wedding dress for Nicole. All Nicole was required to do, for a second time that night, was to say “yes.”

Well, Nicole didn’t just say a second “yes” when Danny made his plans known to her; she repeatedly said it over and over again. “I am so happy; he is really an amazing person. He planned all these by himself just to keep stress away from me. I’ve missed lots of vacations owing to my ailment,” Nicole beams.

Danny made sure he kept Nicole in the dark to save her the stress of planning a wedding. And as the clock ticked and counted down, Nicole got prepared for the big event with the help of her family, who all helped in getting her prepared.

Her dad has already been ordained, and every other arrangement seems perfect, not until they realized they had skipped seeking for someone who would be her maid of honor. Fortunately, her family took care of that with her brother agreeing to be her Man of Honor.

With all taken care of, it was now left for the couples to walk down the aisle in holy matrimony.

“It was the most fascinating night of my life; the ceremony was pretty low-keyed with people with family and close friends. It was really perfect.” Nicole says.

Nicole hopes her story will inspire the world, especially those leaving with a disease. She knows how difficult it could be to get someone to love and cherish you, despite having an ailment. “But just because you’re sick doesn’t mean you should be happy,” she says.

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