2017 Wedding Fads Hot List

It’s that time! Here’s our 2017 Wedding Fads Round-Up:

Wedding fashion and traditions are constantly evolving at a very fast pace. Everything from the bride’s garb to interior decorations for reception and outdoor arrangements of wedding venue evolves constantly. Similarly, various wedding traditions and practices keep changing as well. While some wedding fads are fast becoming obsolete, others persevere but undergo notable differences. After a meticulous assessment of emerging inclinations in weddings, we can successfully predict what the future of weddings will offer with stunning accuracy. Here is an exciting peek into future developments in the various aspects of wedding ceremonies.

• Stationed makeup artist: While this is expected to become commonplace in the forthcoming year, it will interest you to know that it is already in practice. Having a stationed makeup artist to ensure that the couple looks stunning during the entire course of the reception would most likely become a pervasive practice. More than ever before, couples are particular about their appearance throughout the night and this is especially true for the bride. Couples want to look picture perfect even when inebriated and exhausted.

• Integrating three different settings: This is fast becoming a wedding vogue. This type of wedding begins with having a wedding in a location that is almost eccentric. At this event nothing happens other than exchange of marital vows. This followed by a venue where everyone enjoys some interesting cocktails and delicacies. Then the celebration moves for the third time to a hall where couples can showcase and attendants can showcase their dancing skills while listening to a couples of speeches and other attractions. Ultimately, the wedding happen in three different settings.

• Reducing the scale of bridal celebration: Reducing the scale of bridal celebrations to have a single maid of honor and best man is becoming popular.

• Color evolution: There is a growing inclination towards the use of very vibrant colors for wedding decorations. This is a major departure from what was previously popular as many weddings were formerly inclined towards mild variations.

• Changes in wedding delicacies: When it comes to wedding delicacy, we are seeing a movement towards long tables. The incorporation cocktail reception is also an emerging vogue. Essentially, the goal is get people to interact and engage at the party for a memorable experience. It also allows you to eat whenever you choose. You can also expect to see more of small delicacies and sweet course as opposed to having a complete desert, ginormous cakes and pastries.

• Extended veils: Wedding veil is one things that has persevered over time and has found a way to adapt while remaining relevant. However, the style of veils has shifted slightly from what was formerly obtainable. While the typical veils are like short cloaks barely touching the ground, we are experiencing veils that are very long and flowing in ways that may require assistance to hold up.

• Fitted gowns: There has been a shift towards fitted gowns that accentuate curves. This is one fashion vogue that has remained on the scene for the past few years. More so, it can be argued that gowns get tighter with each year.

• Farmyard Flowers: Farmyard flowers are becoming the toast of most weddings with an emphasis on the location of farmyard site and the application of insecticides during cultivation.

• Symbolic souvenirs: More than ever before, weddings are beginning to give guests souvenirs that are symbolic and memorable. The goal of these gift is offer something symbolic that always reminds guests of the wedding about the special day. It doesn’t have to be expensive but it has to be something special and symbolic. The gift has to be something that makes the day memorable.

• Exploring other days: Typically, marriage ceremonies are held on Saturdays. This has been common practice for a very long time however we are beginning to see a lot more flexibility with the selection of days for wedding. People are now begging to favor Sundays and other date options. This new vogue is sometimes because of financial reasons and could also be because of tight schedules and unalterable plans.

• Smaller and warmer: There is an increasing love and pervasiveness of small and engaging marriage ceremonies. Weddings are now designed to invite very close relatives and important personalities in the couple’s lives with goal of making sure that everyone present enjoys a magical and explosive ceremony.

• Corresponding flower and dress: Weddings now feature a variety of dresses with corresponding flower hue and appeal.

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